What We Do

Welcome to the largest undergraduate platform

Dedicated towards SDGs

We Strive for the UN 2030 Agenda on SDGs and this is our Journey to Action to Impact through our four pillars; capacity building, leadership, policy advocacy, and action

What We Do What is Intended to do & Our Activities

We want to improve SDG literacy and encourage people to become the next generation of changemakers by generating individual actions among university students, where knowledge can be leveraged during and after the academic career to create an engaged interdisciplinary community with a sense of belonging.

The fellowship seeks to not only involve students nationally and internationally, but also to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective change agents and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future. Ultimately, students will be empowered to prioritize sustainable development in their lifestyles, behaviors, education, and professional careers.

The fellowship has created the ambassador experience with key tasks in developing students as transformational leaders and impacting communities within and beyond the university to effectively accomplish the G17 UAC objectives.

After fulfilling all five mandatory tasks through an experiential learning process, students will be awarded the title of 'G17 fellow' at the G17 SUMMIT for successfully completing the Ambassador Journey.

What are these five stars?

Another key factor where G17 stands out is, from the system of offering stars for each mandatory task completion. The five stars are;

Leadership Star

Upon successful completion of the individual speech submission, the respective Ambassador will be eligible to obtain the leadership star.

Advocacy Star

Upon successful completion of the social media advocacy, the respective Ambassador will be eligible to obtain the Advocacy Star.

Competency Star

Upon successful completion of the digital university series, the respective Ambassador will be eligible to obtain the Competency star.

Academic Star

Upon successful completion of the annual academic article, the respective Ambassador will be eligible to obtain the Academic star.

Action Star

Upon successful completion of the theme month project, the respective Ambassador will be eligible to obtain the Action star.

Mandatory Tasks


Digital University is a virtual educational platform to enhance the knowledge and build the competencies of undergraduates to become responsible and skilful young professionals in future. The program has developed with 20 chapters featuring highly recognized institutions and speakers to build the understanding as well as abilities in implementing SDGs in transforming knowledge, data and information to actions as young professionals in their respective fields. Furthermore, the program has focused on in-depth knowledge of SDGs as well as strategic leadership skills through an experiential leadership journey.


Theme month projects are planned according to the UN SDG planning calendar and International Days. Through this, Ambassadors will develop projects based on their assigned goal understanding the gaps of their university and the community. Further this will include projects that support advocacy, grassroot actions and policy development. + + + 187 total projects in the year 2021.


Monthly journals will give an opportunity to the ambassadors to gain research based knowledge, where they research prevailing issues in the society pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goals that they are assigned to. Further that particular issue will be woven under those targets that come under each Sustainable development goal. This knowledge will be published on our platforms, giving free access to anyone who wants to retrieve information. We are looking forward to publishing 187 journals Monthly.


Advocacy of a G17 Ambassador is about making the community aware about Sustainable Development Goals. The ambassador should mainly use social media platforms to educate the community about the SDG they advocate for. This will help the Ambassadors to expand a profound understanding on SDGs while identifying prevailing issues related to the SDGs.


This is part of the main advocacy action by the ambassadors where they will be doing a 3 to 5 min of a video to inspire others addressing some of the most important social issues and SDGs. These videos are uploaded.

Spotlight Events


Meet the Vice Chancellor is a unique engaging platform established to link the University Ambassadors and the Vice Chancellors of their respective University. Through this initiative we believe to pledge Vice Chancellors’ support on the efforts to build a sustainable university System which is governed by the SDG Values. Further Ambassadors will discuss issues in the university system as well as identify possible solutions. We believe to create a strong collaboration between the University Governance and the Ambassadors.


G17 Research Symposium is a platform for undergraduates in Sri Lanka to disseminate new knowledge acquired through research on Sustainable Development Goals. The symposium also promotes interaction between universities across Sri Lanka, giving undergraduates a unique opportunity to engage and research on possible solutions pertaining to SDGs in Sri Lanka.


G17 National Conference is the biggest Undergraduate conference for SDGs, where it celebrates and recognizes their efforts on the Actions towards localizing SDGs. Further this event will gather policy makers, Educational Institutions, organizations, Corporate sectors, where it will be an opportunity to gather more stakeholders pledging for the Advancement of Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka.


G17 Bootcamp is a dynamic and hands-on training program offered as part of the Digital University Series that mentors and inspires participants to promote social change and sustainable practices, particularly via strategic leadership and storytelling skills. The camp sessions are meant to focus on personality development skills such as Etiquette, communications, interpersonal, and soft skills from subject specialists in order for participants to become champions of driving the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The Bootcamp provides an opportunity for university ambassadors to network and share their experiences at G17 UAC.


G17 Summer Camp is a global event set to take place in New York for two weeks, bringing people together on a single platform to learn and celebrate one another's accomplishments. Summer camp would Build and enhance knowledge of G17 Summer Camp on the SDGs, and Foster youth leadership skills, with design-thinking, critical-thinking, and engagement through dialogues and exercises on sustainability to hape essential mindsets to achieve SDGs.The camp is designed to give them a unique experience which includes a tour to United Nations Headquarters, Meeting Ambassadors to the United Nations and entrepreneurs leading sustainability.


This is the beginning stage in the pathway of becoming a G17 Fellow. By the end of the SDG Advocate stage, the candidate must have begun contributing to five accomplishment stars as part of the program key activities. A selected candidate must finish this stage by participating in the first six months of the program, which concludes with participation in the Global Week to Act4SDGs aligned with the United Nations Annual General Assembly in September.

After completing the SDG Advocate phase, this is the second half of the program, in which the G17 SDG Advocate will earn the title University Ambassador. At this point, they will be directed to finish their actions connected to the SDGs and will be empowered to increase their visibility as University Ambassadors, boosting their advocacy and influencing their peers as well as policy-makers. This level will be completed by achieving all of the stars and G17 Activities.

Ambassadors will graduate as G17 Fellows once they have completed the G17 SDG advocate and G17 University Ambassadors stages. They will be given the opportunity to join G17 Alumni activities influencing all levels of society, both locally and globally. As alumni members, they are provided various opportunities to act for SDGs, as well as invitations to events, and recognition as future prospective young professionals to lead sustainability.