About us

Welcome to the largest undergraduate platform

Dedicated towards SDGs

We Strive for the UN 2030 Agenda on SDGs and this is our Journey to Action to Impact through our four pillars; capacity building, leadership, policy advocacy, and action

Who We are

G17 University Ambassadors Consortium is a global fellowship program that aims at moulding University Undergraduates into resilient leaders through an experiential learning environment to make our communities and planet a better place through practices of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is thus a network of undergraduates within universities and higher educational institutions as ambassadors as front face champions making a difference in their university and respective communities.

This Global Fellowship program is ideated by the winners of the United Nations SDG Action Award in 2018, The Road to Rights; A Youth-led organization, aimed at supporting and empowering young people through creating opportunities, skills development, creativity and innovation by taking a human rights-based approach towards peace and sustainable development. It is recognized as a well known leading youth organization advocating for SDGs, which has successfully embarked on a unique journey to empower Undergraduates as future potential change-makers.

The SDGs cover a wide range of complex social, economic, and environmental challenges and addressing them will require transformations in how societies and economies function and how we interact with our planet. Education, research, innovation and leadership will be essential in helping society address these challenges. Universities, with their broad remit around the creation and dissemination of knowledge and their unique position within society, have a critical role to play in the achievement of the SDGs.

Engaging with the SDGs will also greatly benefit universities by helping them demonstrate university impact, capture demand for SDG-related education, build new partnerships, access new funding streams, and define a university that is responsible and globally aware.

That is where we find an initiative such as the G17 University Ambassadors Consortium could play an absolute vital role in empowering university students in building their capacities to become young profession

We are University Ambassadors in Action!

G17 University Ambassadors Consortium is a Global Fellowship;

which aims at moulding University undergraduates into resilient leaders through an experiential learning environment to make our communities and earth a better place through Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

Establish a global platform to empower university students via our four pillars; capacity building, leadership, policy-advocacy, and action in order to prepare them to be the next generation of young professionals who will lead their professions and industries to achieve the SDGs.

Our Mission

Initiate the G17 UAC in the universities and higher education institutions throughout the world by appointing 17 student ambassadors annually for SDGs to help them develop their skills as future young professionals in order to achieve the Agenda 2030.

The logo of G17 University Ambassadors Consortium consists of powerful and meaningful components.

5 Stars

At the end of the ambassadors t action star, advocacy star, leadership star, academic star, and competency star. Ambassadors who successfully achieve all the five stars will be considered as an outstanding G17 fellow.

Olive Branches

The olive branches in the logo represent unity and peace, which we intend to achieve through this timely needed journey.

G17 Icon

The G17 icon symbolizes the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the 17 Ambassadors (Undergraduates) in each university.



Knowledge and capacity are intricately related, and are essential for sustainable development. We create a platform for young people to enhance their understanding, knowledge on sustainable development goals and skills in translating knowledge into practical solutions to address the most pressing issues in the world by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change.


We create coaching and mentoring platforms for students to advance their leadership skills to become effective leaders in achieving SDGs, such as communication skills, goal setting, strategic planning as well as better decision-making and networking skills. We strongly believe in networking and building community relationships outside the existing network discovering creative collaborative opportunities to achieve SDGs.


This would become a platform for students to accelerate their abilities in research, policy formulation and advocacy on SDGs in promoting the inclusive and meaningful participation of young people at all levels. We aim to influence policy makers, parliamentarians, young people, the media and civil society networks to promote SDGs leveraging insights and research experience to advocate on the issues that matter to everyone for a better future.


This is designed as a platform for students to take visible and impactful actions with creativity and innovation through inclusive participation as socially responsible young people both within and outside the university. We also share local and international opportunities, tools and other SDG-related resources with young people to collaborate and share expertise to generate action to build a more sustainable world.

Our Values


In holding human society together, compassion flowing through empathy fulfils a significant role. A G17 ambassador who changes the course of the world with SDGs must attempt it with empathy embedded in it.


Professionalism involves being reliable and showing that you care about every aspect of your work and the program. It's about being industrious and organized, and holding yourself accountable for your thoughts, words and actions.


Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organisation as well as the G17 University Ambassador Consortium’s behaviour as a whole.


It is not just the best policy but it is a core practice to act in a transparent, trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, stakeholders, and the public.

Diversity and Inclusion

Organisations succeed by bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.


When people work together, they can create something greater than themselves as individuals.