How It Works


G17 UAC is governed by the Global Youth-led Task Force and supervised by International Mentors and guided by the Global Council of Advisors.

The Global Council of Advisors Consists of prominent individuals, including business leaders, noted academics, Diplomats, Arts and former government officials coming from various parts of the world. They are visionary individuals setting out the strategic direction of G17 University Ambassadors Consortium providing insights and advice on advancing the mission of the global fellowship program.

The International Mentors are the guiding force of the G17 journey as enigmatic leaders who share valuable knowledge to empower the next generation of young professionals. They are specialists in a variety of fields including Social Innovation, Peace, Sustainability and Strategic leadership.

The Global Youth-led Task Force is the G17 UAC's main governing body in charge of the overall operations of the program. The task force is monitoring daily governance of the program leading regional representatives, country representatives, and national executive committees in order to impact the lives of undergraduates all over the world.


Under the direction of the Global Youth-led Task Force, the G17 national chapters oversee the full functioning of the program in their respective countries. The National Executive Committee will be made up of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs (Vice-Chairperson for Branding and Vice-Chairperson for Operations) who will oversee the operation of G17 with a team of 15 to 18 individuals. Each of these executives will be having specific responsibilities leading the university ambassadors coming from various universities in the country.


The influence and success of G17 UAC is dependent on a country having as many universities as possible. The more universities we bring, the greater the impact we have in empowering large numbers of outstanding undergraduates as well as fostering peer influence, education, and university impact on SDGs through the activities of G17.

The National Executive Committee is in charge of reaching out to as many universities or institutions as possible in order to bring a large number of undergraduates to go through the fellowship program.

That can happen directly through speaking with university administrators, professors, and lecturers, or by freely sharing the opportunity to apply among university universities.

G17 UAC has also launched the University Application Portal allowing institutions that are not currently a member of the program to apply in order to demonstrate their interest in forming a cohort at their university.


G17 UAC will create the opportunity for the undergraduates by recognizing 17 individuals to represent the 17 goals from each university as G17 University Ambassadors. They would become the front face of SDGs benign part of the one-year long experiential leadership program with its activities.

An Ambassador is considered as an individual who is able to take the responsibility of learning and taking the sustainability dialogue to the community both within and beyond the university by inspiring, educating and mobilizing people towards actions.

The National Executive Committee is responsible for reaching out to as many universities or institutions as possible to bring a large number of undergraduates to go through the fellowship, increasing the impact of the program in the country.

The more universities we bring, the greater the impact!


12 Months fellowship

G17 UAC provides a prestigious opportunity for the selected undergraduates to go through a one year experiential learning journey which will mould them into individuals equipped with SDG knowledge, competencies and professional skills. Throughout the journey they will be improving their skills, knowledge and attitudes to become future potential young professionals and lead their industries towards creating a sustainable world. Ambassador Journey consists of various compulsory and optional activities, capacity building sessions, networking opportunities and global engagements. The journey of the ambassadors is designed under two stages: advocacy stage and ambassador stage. After the successful completion of 12 months of their journey they will be awarded with the title G17 fellow at G17 Summit. These ambassadors are mobilizing the university community and beyond, by advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals during the term and after.


The G17 National Conference is intended to be the largest undergraduate conference on SDGs in the country, celebrating and recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of G17 University Ambassadors. This event will also bring together policymakers, academic professionals, educational institutions, corporate and public sector representatives, and others.

The conference will be a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing best practices, as well as creating a dialogue in advancing the academic impact on SDGs to empower future workforce for industries to lead sustainability.

While the G17 summit will provide more opportunities for undergraduates in terms of career advancement and personal development, the summit will mark the completion of the fellowship program, in which the G17 Ambassadors, University Coordinators, National Executives and National Advisors will be honored and awarded for their efforts, performances, achievements and contributions.


G17 alumni is a space where all of the G17 fellows from across the world can share their experiences, best practices, and collaborate. By providing mentorship sessions, internships, network engagement and job possibilities, we provide constant support and visibility for ambassadors' achievements.

G17 Alumni network members will also get access to a variety of activities, such as attending international conferences, events, forums, and speaking engagements.