Actually, are we ready to become carbon neutral country by 2050? What are the duties and responsibilities of GenZ to achieving that goal. We must enhance our knowledge regarding this aspect and work on it today itself. We are the future generation of this country. We are the ones who should make sure that such a crisis will never happen in our beautiful motherland. This is high time to discuss these matters. Therefore I came up with a webinar on � GenZ & Energy Conservation�. Where the resource personnel will be a part of GenZ who is Mr.Kaizer Majid (B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering) via the zoom platform.

1. To aware GenZ about their duties and responsibilities to become a responsible citizen while contributing to the energy conservation. 2. To reach great audience by sharing flyers which including tips of the webinar. 3. Making a platform to discuss about energy crisis and involvement of youth to use energy sources mindfully.