Pantai Tanjung Biru (Blue Lagoon) is a famous holiday place in which the community gathers and spends their holidays or weekend time with their families and friends around the beachside while the ocean is the habitat for millions of marine species that rely on it for their survival. Pantai Cermin is a spacious and peaceful beach destination located directly behind Blue Lagoon. With the removal of travel restrictions in Malaysia, many populations have started to travel and spend their holidays or weekends with family and friends at resorts or beachside. The increasing number of visitors has caused an increase in the throwing of trash and other toxic products along the beachside. The disposal of cigarette butts contains toxic chemicals which may cause water pollution. This then causes harm to the marine and coastal ecosystems as it affects the marine species that are living in the water. To increase the community´┐Żs awareness of protecting the coastal and marine ecosystem, a beach clean-up along the beach side of both Pantai Tanjung Biru and Pantai Cermin and its nearby areas is proposed to be conducted among IUMW student volunteers. This program will help in encouraging them and the community to maintain the cleanliness of the beachside. This program also helps reduce trash around the marine areas and prevents marine pollution brought on by irresponsible trash disposal.

? To increase awareness of the community towards the protection of the marine ecosystem and contribute to it by reducing trash disposal in and surrounding the ocean ? To manage and protect the coastal and marine ecosystems by keeping toxic items such as cigarettes and plastic away from the water ? To improve the cleanliness of beaches to provide a safe environment for marine species